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Mar 20, 2011 8:00am EDT
missiles fired as the u.s. military gets involved in a third muslim country. >>> and break down the three big stories in my new sunday sports trifecta. >>> good morning. welcome to fox 5 news sunday. the fair fax county search and rescue team is back in the u.s. after a heroing mission in japan. we'll hear back after they arrive home this morning. >>> first an early morning house fire. a sprawling 10,000 square foot home in hunting town, maryland, went up in flames. now none of the injuries are life threatening. investigators believe it started in the chimney. the home as you can see here is a total loss. >>> now to the latest on the crisis in libya. the air assault has begun. more than 100 tom hawk cruise missiles fired from u.s. and british warships rained down on libya. the target radar sites in the capitol of tripoli. they also hit targets on the ground. ohm battled leader gadafi is promising to fight back calling the attacks a "crusader aggression." clearing the way for a no-fly zone approved by the united nations on thursday night. the u.s. is leading a coalition of some 20 nations
Mar 13, 2011 8:00am EDT
. >> reporter: merchants tell us there was the usual bustle in downtown bethesda on friday night. a line at georgetown cup cake and the line at the apple store. so it's hard to imagine two women could have been attacked in the very same block. >> i'm very surprised. we were standing here in this line last night probable around -- i don't know what time it happened but it seemed perfectly safe. i was surprised there was so much activity on a friday night that a murder would happen. >> reporter: early saturday morning a worker arriving at the lieu lieu lemon athletic store found the front door unlocked and heard a noise in the back and called for help. police arrived to find a horrifying scene. a 30-year-old female worker dead and her 27-year-old coworker tied up. the two women closed the store at about 9:00 friday night and returned after to retrieve an item. they unlocked the front door and went back inside. >> and that item was toward the rear of the store. as they came back toward the front of the store, the two suspects, dressed in black, covering their faces, were waiting for them. >
Mar 27, 2011 8:00am EDT
. to the far south of us you will see that low pressure system that's created a lot of strong storms across the deep south. they've had a lot of severe weather warnings and watches as that low pressure system continues to hit that entire region. the upper level disturbance that we're getting with the snow that we're seeing is actually associated with that system. if you take a closer look to the north you will see where the rain is and the snow as it starts to move across our area. it was all across the upper midwest into the course of yesterday and last night. a look at true view gives awe closer look right here at home. you can see the line of rain, then the mix, then the snow. it's all very light snowfall. it's expected to be out of here by the course of the afternoon but still it is inconvenient and it is also causing some slick roads and bridges and overpasses. to our weather maps. we have arrest winter weather advisory in effect until 4:00. temperatures playing a key role. yesterday's high 11 to 14 degrees he below seasonal. today, pretty much the same story as those temperatures cont
Mar 6, 2011 8:00am EST
and welcome to fox 5 news sunday. >> we have those stories plus harlem globetrotter legend joins us live to talk about his time with the team and the joy of life. >>> first a big story in our area is mother nature. >> the temperatures were pretty mild overnight and even yesterday storm from the south is now heading east and some areas could see some flooding. we're tracking the situation down in the weather center. gwen what is the latest on this storm? >> we are going to see plenty of rainfall this morning. i want to add we need the rainfall, however it's beginning to be really heavy in some areas. be prepared for that if you're heading out. let's look at weather maps and show you the flood watch area which does include the district and metro d.c. areas to the north as well. this is in effect right through until this evening where we do expect to see some periods of heavy rainfall. some of you could see even up to two inches before it's all said and done by tonight. and generally it will range anywhere from three quarter of an inch to two inches of rainfall. low lying areas, creeks and
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4